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Ed Heaton
North Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire
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‘We’ve found that there was an acute lack of stock in the country market’, says Ed Heaton. That, he says, combined with the fact that there are quite a lot of buyers in the market who are ‘almost apathetic’ about making a decision about properties, made for a difficult 2017.

However, Heaton has noticed an increase in the number of buyers wanting to buy farms – mixed-use properties which encompass both a residential and an agricultural element – for tax purposes. ‘If they’re buying high-value property, savings can be significant’, he notes.

Clients share Heaton’s frustration with the market. ‘House buying is difficult: the right one is hard to find and then even harder to buy successfully, particularly as most of us are rank amateurs in this field,’ says one. ‘But having Ed going out to bat for you tilts the game much more in your favour. We have already recommended [him].’

He founded Heaton & Partners in 2013 with a mind to taking on the big firms – the likes of Prime Purchase, Savills’ buying arm, and Property Vision, his previous employer.

Over the past three years, he has been further extending the buying firm’s geographic reach so that it now covers the whole of the South of England. His client base is also growing. ‘We’re five years old now, and every year we see our client numbers increase’, he says.