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Duncan MacIntyre
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Lombard Odier’s UK CEO is in fine spirits during his annual catch-up with Spear’s.

‘We’ve had a great 12 months,’ enthuses Duncan MacIntyre. ‘We’ve had record inflows, we’ve added lots of new talent to the business, and it feels like we have found a real position in the marketplace.’

The firm is unique in its proprietorship of both its business and its technology platform, which runs more than £280 billion-worth of assets. MacIntyre describes the operation as a ‘boutique’ with a global reach. Each portfolio is then managed through a single point of contact in a seamless fashion, with solutions tailored to individual circumstances. ‘That’s extremely unusual,’ he says, adding that the flexibility of Lombard Odier is an effect of its outstanding technological solutions. MacIntyre’s proudest moment of the year has been a PAM award for the digital wealth solutions the company has provided for the wealth management industry.

‘We’re not trying to compete with professional advisers,’ he says. ‘We are there to support them’. The firm has a vision to embrace ‘a full sustainability model’, and has recently been awarded a B Corp certification for its corporate sustainability efforts. ‘This is not a greenwashing agenda,’ he says. ‘We believe that if businesses are sustainable, they will make more money because they are well run.’ It’s win-win for HNWs too, he adds. ‘This is a positive investment outcome.’