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Life has been ‘extraordinarily busy’ for Payne Hicks Beach’s litigation partner, who arrives for a meeting with Spear’s with folding bike in hand. ‘There’s little time to pause for breath,’ he says. Dominic Crossley is known for previously representing 53 core participant victims at the Leveson Inquiry, not to mention former F1 boss Max Mosley in a landmark privacy case. His clientele is ‘an eclectic mix’ ranging from politics and sport to academia and the corporate world. A recent influx of cases has seen Crossley’s team expand: he was pleased to report the hiring of the talented Hanna Basha and Nick Grant from Hill Dickinson into the team. A particular highlight was his ‘tremendous success’ in the Issam Hourani libel, in which a Lebanese multimillionaire was wrongly linked to the death of a Russian TV star. Warding off the resulting propaganda was a pursuit both complex and thrilling for Crossley. Crossley is pleased that the Data Protection Act’s usefulness is finally understood. ‘Its wide use and effectiveness is ironically being realised while it’s in the process of being replaced [by the GDPR],’ he says. But the new legislation will give lawyers special powers: ‘[They can] protect reputation in a way that hasn’t been possible before.’