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Dina de Angelo
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‘It’s been one of the busiest years of my career – there’s been a huge influx of newly liquid individuals,’ says Dina de Angelo, who reminds Spear’s she’s been in the industry ‘a very long time.’ Her niche, she says, is in catering for entrepreneurs, primarily in their thirties: ‘They’re building their families, they’re usually building another business, and they’re looking to diversify their funds.’

De Angelo, who was featured in Vogue earlier this year, believes those clients gravitate towards her because they’re attracted to her experience: ‘They’re looking for someone whose been through it all, who understands what their problems are, from their financial asset point of view, and what the right solutions might be.’

On the UK’s post-Brexit prospects, she says: ‘We still see an inflow of people wanting to physically reside in the UK – there’s not been a drain on creative minds, and from a geographical perspective the UK is a very desirable place to reside and do business. It’s easy for people to get to Europe, it’s easy to get to New York or Asia or South America. That won’t change.’

De Angelo’s approach to clients is relaxed yet focused – one new client she brought in joined only after five years of close professional cooperation to build trust.