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Dermot Callinan
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‘We have a very entrepreneurial character up here in the North East and the real economy is doing exceptionally well,’ Dermot Callinan says as he phones in from Saffery’s Harrogate office. ‘Clients have been producing a lot of personal wealth.’

One of our few recommended tax accountants outside London, Callinan advises UK entrepreneurs and UNHW clients, most of whom are ‘actively involved in developing new businesses’. Most of his career has been spent at KPMG, where he led the national private client business for ten years. He joined Saffery early last year.

‘I enjoy being able to articulate a complicated concept to clients in a clear and succinct way,’ he says. ‘Basically, it’s just about giving good advice.’ In an uncertain tax landscape, he believes ‘experience and sound judgement’ are ever more valuable commodities. He also believes keeping a cool head and taking a step back is paramount: ‘That way, one can avoid the problem rather than running into it and having to resolve it later on in the process.’

Callinan, who was called upon in 2016 to give expert evidence to the House of Lords Finance Bill sub-committee, has previously told Spear’s of the reasoning behind his move from to Saffery: at KPMG, private client was less than 1 per cent of the giant’s business. ‘At Saffery’s,’ Callinan has said, ‘private client work is
a much more significant part of the organisation.’