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Debbie Chism
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It was a dizzying 2018 for Debbie Chism, whose clients have included European royalty, pop stars and ‘dynastic family wealth and overnight billions in the tech sector’. One notable success was an anonymised case in which she acted for the wife. ‘The wife received one of the highest recorded English divorce awards,’ recalls Chism. ‘The case dealt with issues of special contribution, privacy and whether foreign marital contracts should be treated as prenuptial agreements.’ Chism has built a formidable reputation covering all aspects of family law, including complex asset valuation, business interests, trusts and wealth protection structures. ‘My clients are looking for settlement on excellent terms,’ she says. ‘The primary source of my work remains based on word-of-mouth recommendation – not only from former clients but also from peers, professional intermediaries and, particularly pleasingly, from spouses “against” whom I have acted.’ Chism is celebrating her tenth year at Stewarts, having been a key cog in its meteoric rise into the family law A-list. ‘We strive to resolve family disputes first and foremost, but if that cannot be achieved, Stewarts has the best litigators in the business to back up our negotiation skills,’ she says.