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Spear’s catches up with Davina Katz for the second time since she went it alone and started Katz Partners, and according to the former Schillings lawyer the response has been overwhelming: ‘The first year has been even better than expected, both in terms of how much work we’re doing and the quality of that work.’

Katz is known for untangling highly complex cases where ‘hundreds of millions rather than tens of millions of pounds are at stake’, many of which are in the public eye. ‘I attract high-profile work and a client base who recognise that their cases aren’t straightforward,’ she says. She also keeps her specialisms of marital contracts, prenups and postnups ticking over: ‘Other practitioners shy away from that sort of work because it is fairly embryonic in terms of the law. The feeling among the old guard is that it is all a bit new, whereas we embrace it.’

Katz is positive about the emerging role of litigation funding in family law, seeing it as a way of repairing the lack of parity in divorce cases, but she admits the execution needs to be given more thought.

However, there is one thing that Katz feels unequivocally will not change: London’s status as the divorce capital of the world: ‘It remains very much intact.’