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Davina Katz’s decision to leave Schillings and set up on her own was big news in family law. But when Spear’s catches up with her at Gail’s behind the British Museum, she explains that it was a natural progression. ‘I joined Schillings a decade ago and during that time we’ve built a leading family law practice from a standing start,’ she explains. It occurred to Katz – who recently won the case of Thum v Thum in the Court of Appeal – that she was essentially running a business within a business. ‘I wanted to establish a law firm specialising solely in divorce, but with an integrated offering that takes in not only expert legal advice, but also professional therapeutic support, assettracing and analysis.’ The parting of the ways isn’t acrimonious: ‘We’re taking all 73 of our clients with us, and will continue to refer reputation work back.’ That’s an impressive 100 per cent client retention rate. ‘I have met and acted for hundreds of clients from all walks of life: famous, infamous, young and old, straight, gay, transgender; rich and really, really rich. I have listened to them, lived and breathed their cases.’ Katz adds: ‘The reality in courtrooms is changing: there’s a shift away from lifelong maintenance and towards an expectation that the spouse at home with the children should rehabilitate themselves as the children mature, and re-enter the workplace.’