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‘It’s been another year of significant diversity – no business and no two families are the same,’ says David Nelson, senior partner at Dixon Wilson.

Nelson joined the firm in 1990 and has broad experience in advising wealthy families and businesses on their tax issues, with landed estates and offshore trusts also areas of expertise. Though Brexit has affected the confidence of families and individuals, he notes that ‘businesses are tending to expand overseas rather than expand in the UK [and] they are concentrating on that’.

Meanwhile, he sees a change in the public perception of offshore structures, which are nowadays often deemed fraudulent. But for Nelson – who has deep experience as a non-executive director in public companies and the private sector – this is a dangerous mood
that may drive entrepreneurs from the UK. What’s his approach to advice? ‘It goes back to what matters the most to people, [which] is their health and well-being [and] their families,’ he tells Spear’s.

However, Nelson is also mindful that a healthy dose of perspective can be beneficial to clients. Tax and regulation isn’t the be all and end all, and ‘for most people life just goes on’. He adds that regulatory flux ‘might change the field of play, but it doesn’t change the game that people are playing’.