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David Mellor is a highly experienced practitioner who believes the tax code is overdue major simplification. ‘Technically, it is achievable and would be an incredibly good thing,’ he starts, but then adds: ‘Whether there is the political will to do it is quite a different matter – politics is inevitably a short-term game.’

The complex set of rules which have accumulated over the past 20 years continue to complicate affairs for Mellor’s UHNW clients. ‘We have to go back to when Nigel Lawson was chancellor: his ambition was to abolish a tax every budget,’ he recalls.

But all in all, Mellor does have faith in the faculties of government and acknowledges that chancellor Philip Hammond is ‘trying’ to iron out the wrinkles using a more ‘consultative’ approach in creating his budgets than was the case with his immediate predecessors: ‘It’s probably better now than in the previous decade or so: there’s a general view of not trying to add complexity.’

Mellor is no stranger to problem-solving; he also has a degree in aeronautical engineering. He previously told Spear’s that he joined the private client industry as he relished working in a field where a primacy is placed on human relationships.

He joined Dixon Wilson straight from university in 1991 and became a partner in 1999. What’s keeping him there? ‘The variety and the people,’ he says.