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David McDonough OBE is a trusted adviser to UHNWs, corporations and high-flying executives. At the end of another busy week, and now at the end of another busy year, McDonough tells Spear’s the 12 months have flown by, ‘advising a fascinating, challenging and growing portfolio of clients, all concerned about the consequences of an uncertain world and all attaching importance to discreet wise counsel’. However, 2019, he warns, ‘will be a year of continued uncertainty and change and therefore very fertile ground for close trusted advisers who can help clients read the runes and offer steadying and wise counsel’. McDonough, unlike many of his peers, is unruffled by Brexit: ‘I believe we will leave the European Union and I hope and believe there will be no second referendum.’ So what’s keeping him up at night? ‘The prospect – but by no means probability – of a Marxist-led government intent upon a ruinous social and economic revolution.’ On his personal philosophy and what defines him as a trusted adviser, he tells Spear’s: ‘Integrity, intelligence (emotional and intellectual), accumulated wisdom and experience, insight, a sure touch around the highways and byways of the anatomy of Britain and a capacity for listening as well as talking.’ Meanwhile, clients, he told Spear’s a year ago, are ‘people who actually want a friend, an ally, a second opinion and a reflective view’.