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Dana Lowy

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Dana Lowy
Los Angeles
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Top Seven US Based Family Lawyers

Dana Lowy is one of the founders of a boutique law firm owned exclusively by women. ‘As the pre-eminent female-owned family law firm in Southern California, we are proud of our highly aggressive and focused representation,’ the firm states. Lowy works with clients to accomplish their objectives while maintaining privacy and dignity. The firm specialises in all aspects of family law. ‘We bring a rare combination of legal prowess, tenacity and empathy to the practice of family law,’ it says. She enjoys working with HNWs, especially when they bring in a broad team of advisers to discuss complex family law matters that involve significant assets. Despite the scale of the wealth involved, she stresses that each case needs to be treated with sensitivity and kindness. ‘You develop a relationship with a lot of these people so you have to be available, compassionate and empathetic, because they’re all going through a bad time. They’re really just people, who have the same goals and concerns, such as, “What’s going to happen to my children? Can I pay my expenses? How can I protect my assets?”’ Lowy’s practice often extends into the UK’s jurisdiction, and she praises the ‘very collaborative’ approach of many lawyers here.