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Dan Tench
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At law school I had no desire to do media law,’ says the eloquent Dan Tench. ‘I thought law would set me up for whatever I wanted to do: it was an exercise in keeping my options open. I fell on my feet and got involved in some amazing cases, and the rest is history’. How much has his work changed in the internet era? ‘As far as I can remember it’s always been rather hurry-scurry,’ he laughs. ‘I certainly can’t ever remember the newspapers ever saying, “Yes do get back to us the week after next.”’ Tench singles out a particular change: ‘It’s the way you have these large crises, particularly in the corporate world. I was at the centre of the phone-hacking scandal for News International. It really struck me that this wasn’t a reputation management issue, or a civil litigation or an employment one: it’s the way you can be overtaken.’ Does that lead to a different skill set? ‘There’s an element of triage, and prioritising and bringing focus to the client in the middle of a whole gamut of things,’ he says. Tench finds himself increasingly a sort of ‘external consigliere’ and is empathetic towards his clients: ‘A lot of them are in shock. You’ve got to be sensitive to the fact that the client will be going through a particularly difficult time. I try to advise a determined way forward.’