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Claire Gordon
Claire Gordon
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Spear’s meets Claire Gordon in the beautiful Farrer & Co office on the corner of Lincoln’s Inn Fields. She balances formidable know-how with kindness in exactly the way that one would want their divorce lawyer to do.

‘My clients are ultra-high-networth and multi-jurisdictional, with lots of complex issues,’ Gordon begins, citing a recent prenup client who is worth £6 billion. Her average client is worth a mere £100 million.

But despite the high-value work that she attracts, she insists that it is not all about the big numbers: ‘For me, it is really about where I can add value, and how you can help people get through the period.’

If this means settling out of court, Gordon is more than happy to do so: ‘I focus on a client’s best interests. To have a successful practice you don’t need to be aggressive; you need to be robust, but not aggressive. I will fight my way through court when I need to, but fundamentally it’s about trying to find a sensible way through things.’

This approach brings another dimension to Gordon’s service that is likely to attract HNWs: discretion. She is also known for her holistic approach.

Although she does a lot of international prenup and postnup work, Gordon’s practice is very much a full service. ‘Clients very rarely neatly package themselves into one area or solution,’ she says.