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‘All the sexy ones are too confidential,’ Claire Gordon proclaims when asked about recent cases. Many of those complex cases have been in the £100 million range, which the Farrer’s partner says reflects the growth of tech HNWs. One recent client was a woman of money who consulted Gordon on which of a selection of eight jurisdictions to move to, based on divorce laws and their attitude to prenups. Such cases involve her in strategic wealth planning, as well as touching on aspects of immigration and tax issues. With ‘more fluidity of money’, Gordon insists it’s best that family lawyers keep a team of experts close by. ‘What used to be regarded as fairly standard tax planning can now be a reputation issue, with the various leaks that are going on,’ she cautions. Gordon is astonished by the amount of data now available on relationships. She recalls of the evidence available in cases when she started out two decades ago: ‘There might have been a text message, but it wouldn’t have been so prevalent,’ she says. ‘Now you’ve got images on Facebook, trackings on iPhones, WhatsApp messages to one another – everything is moving much more rapidly.’ Then there is the ‘bombardment of the perfect life on Instagram’, which Gordon says can further ruin relationships. Is the law up to date in this area? ‘Technology always moves slightly ahead – but judges are aware.