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Chris Cole
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Chris Cole – one of the founders of Lockhart Capital, which has grown at a dizzying pace since its launch in August 2017 – advises clients who have reached ‘a state of financial independence’ on the core of their wealth. ‘We are only working with clients that we really want to work with,’ he tells Spear’s.

He notes that the market isn’t always easy at the moment: Cole notes ‘distinctly below average returns’ on most asset classes, adding that central banks are – somewhat alarmingly – ‘starting to reverse their extraordinary measures while bond yields and inflation have troughed for the cycle’. He also worries about ‘a Corbyn or Corbyn-like government’ – as well as the widespread indebtedness of governments.

‘Wealth managers continue to emerge and prosper catering to the growing numbers of individuals and families who prefer a more personal, long-term and in-depth relationship,’ he says.

When will the bull market end? ‘Towards the end of 2017 our view was that the equity market would top out in 2018, and that some caution would be appropriate by the end of Q1 2018. It is now tough to say whether the market is in a topping process or whether we are in a medium-term correction before pushing on again. Our hunch has been that it is the former.’