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Charlotte Ransom
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Top Ten HNW Wealth Manager

When Netwealth launched four years ago, it had no intention of fitting into an established mould of wealth management. Speaking to founder and CEO Charlotte Ransom, it is clear that she is committed to the firm’s strap-line of ‘defining what modern wealth management should look like’.

So, what should it look like? ‘A combination of expert portfolio management, expert financial advisers as and when required, and excellent modern technology,’ Ransom explains. ‘This gives private clients a completely different experience of discretionary wealth management where they have far greater transparency and control around how their portfolios are performing.’

With an average-sized portfolio of £450,000 (and the largest going into the multiple millions), clients clearly have a mind to modernise. Netwealth’s transparent system for determining risk has borne up particularly well during the crisis. When clients invest, there is an assessment of their goals and how much risk they’re prepared to take, with the associated volatility that that might bring. ‘I think this is why we have remained highly stable during this period,’ says Ransom.

‘If we look across our seven model portfolios – the seven different risk levels – the highest-risk portfolio is down 10 per cent. Those losses then decrease, so that by the time you get to risk level four you’re down 3 per cent and thereafter you’re flat or positive.’