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Charlotte Filsell
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Charlotte Filsell has seen ‘exciting growth and change’ at Sandaire in the past year, with launches of the firm’s private equity, corporate finance and real estate arms.

The expansion is in response to the rising needs of clients. ‘Every family is its own ecosystem,’ says Filsell, adding that it’s often a network that spans the globe. This

is why Sandaire is a member of the Wigmore Association, which gives it access to ‘local knowledge, insights and best practice’ shared by a collective of eight family offices in seven countries.

Wealth transfers remain one of families’ main concerns, and Filsell’s role includes facilitating the communication of important family values and aspirations across generations. ‘It can be a daunting responsibility for the next generation, particularly if they’ve not received all the necessary information and education,’ she says. More often than not, the family’s philanthropy is what bridges the generational gap, as younger members are engaged with charitable activities before progressing into socially responsible investing, which Filsell says is a growing trend.

Filsell’s client relationship department has recently welcomed two formidable directors: Janet Tarbet from Signia and Joseph Jawad from Arbuthnot Latham.