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Charlie Wells
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Last year was a big one for Prime Purchase — a ‘top three’ year out of the firm’s fourteen-year history — and for Wells personally, who has just wrapped up his first year as the firm’s managing director. The new role has seen the Hampshire and Berkshire specialist busy growing the firm’s ranks — including the Cotswolds team (now the largest in the country) — and advising on £110 million-plus of prime purchases for HNWs.

‘You’ve got to have great integrity, take the long-term view — and really know your market,’ he says. ‘There are many people out there who are top individuals in terms of who they are as a person — but do they have a long-standing history in the property game? Quite a lot don’t.’

Better to choose a veteran with ‘integrity, a reputation and who works jolly hard’ — especially when paying too much for a property has become all too common since 2008: ‘Anybody can broker a deal — but it’s a better man or woman that can broker a good deal,’ he says.

Clients agree: ‘What could have been an arduous experience turned out to be a very enjoyable one,’ one tells us, while another says: ‘It was great to feel that you were not just with an unknown agent but a very knowledgeable friend.’