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Charlie Wells
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‘I’m going to christen my next child Boris,’ enthuses Charlie Wells after seeing a ‘marked increase’ in new buyers, applicants and the rate of client activity levels. Asked to rank his confidence in the country market on a scale of one to five (with three being neutral), he says he ‘feels like a seven’. ‘In reality, it’ll be a four or a five.’

He says the boost in the market is happening across the board, from the £3 million bracket through to the £40 to £50 million levels: ‘There’s a belief that properties are worth a premium more than they were before.’

Wells is noticing that the money pouring into the prime central market is ‘trickling down and out’ into the countryside, even as far as three hours from London. ‘The last few years, the maximum was a two-hour drive.’

The nature of his job is that he is often involved ‘in the drudgery of dealing’ for long periods, but he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, by which he means ‘working very hard’ within lower price brackets. ‘You couldn’t afford to go hunting for the one big deal, otherwise you’re in danger of doing nothing,’ he says.

Wells pleads for politicians to be ‘very, very gentle’ with the market going forward. ‘At the moment it looks like a peaceful butterfly coming in, but it’s bloody delicate.’