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Charlie Wells
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‘In the face of significant economic headwinds, we’ve managed to keep our heads well above water’, says Charlie Wells, who has been a director at Prime Purchase for seven years.

Wells is widely respected for his work ethos and extensive knowledge of the country market, most especially in the area of farms and estates. For him, the biggest impact on the business in the past 12 months has been the lack of available stock.

‘People have an almost exact picture of what they want – a square Georgian house with a nice long drive,’ he says. ‘And if they have a £20 million budget, they’ll probably want a house that’s worth £30 million. Honesty and integrity are key, and we have to manage our clients’ expectations.’

Wells, a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, has been seeing substantially more American clients than usual, driven by the strength of the dollar against the pound (though the dollar has softened in recent months), and a surprising number of Europeans, despite what he calls ‘scaremongering headlines’.

Industry peers are full of praise for the firm. ‘The fact that Prime Purchase has the ability to advise across geographical boundaries and ensure exceptionally high level of service is testament to the quality of each individual member and their ability to act as a team’, says one.