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Charlie Hoffman

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Charlie Hoffman
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‘With me you get the advantage of a big bank but with a small team who all look after the same client base,’ says Charlie Hoffman, describing HSBC’s highly acclaimed private banking services as ‘a little like a mini family office’. He is pleased to report an increase of more than 10 per cent of assets to $15 billion.

‘We both preserved clients’ capital and grew it in line with their hopes and aspirations.’ The trusted adviser says what’s most important, other than the fact that the firm banks, invests and lends to clients, is that it truly listens to clients and what they want when looking after many of the world’s most discerning and influential UHNWs. Hoffman is not one for resting on his laurels, and he considers ‘trusted adviser’ to be something of a ‘hackneyed’ term. ‘While I think we continually need to earn the trust of our clients,’ he muses, ‘I also think this is always ongoing and a work in progress.’ HSBC is steeped in history. The minutes of the first board meeting were recorded in1864. ‘They note that the founders of the bank felt other banks were not connected enough to their customers,’ he reveals. Despite the fact that the bank has grown hugely, rooted in trade, across the globe over the last century and a half, ‘Customer no 3’ remains a client to this day