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Charles White

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Charles White
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Simplicity and stability are two key principles Charles White lives by in the investment world, and are what he says high-end clients want and need.

Often described as a ‘class act’, White’s philosophy is refreshingly straightforward: a combination of quality investments in cashgenerating companies, and ‘old-fashioned analysis of fundamentals’ in stockpicking: ‘We don’t use any fancy methodology for identifying companies that might, for a short period of time, be mispriced.’

The investment director believes the firm’s boutique offering is its strength, which leads to independence in advice. ‘Family control and employee ownership have preserved a consistency of approach, culture and quality,’ the firm says, ‘all crucial to the lasting relationships we seek to establish with clients.’

White was previously managing director of a specialist investment management subsidiary of NM Rothschild. He was involved in banking and mergers and acquisitions with ABN Amro and ING Barings, before joining McInroy & Wood in 2011.

McInroy & Wood’s independent offering has been attractive since its inception in 1986 to provide HNWs with ‘long-term financial security and peace of mind’. ‘

This is not a bolt-on business,’ says White – it occupies a niche where personal relationships are more important than ‘following fads or investment fashions’.