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Top Six Contentious Trust Lawyers

Urbane, with a calm confidential manner, Charles Lloyd is a much-liked figure in the profession. It’s a reputation born of hard work: ‘I’ve been quite busy for the last six months,’ he says, in a way which suggests he’s actually been very busy. ‘There are things I should do, like say “Hi” more often to my children.’

Yet the work is galvanising for him: ‘I’m not remotely complaining. It’s a privilege to
have interesting work: I look at my partners doing banking transactions and I think, “I’m really lucky.”’ You can sense his slight regret that all his work is confidential, but he is discretion itself when he talks to Spear’s.

‘I’ve just been in Bermuda for a hearing on a trust matter,’ he says. ‘I’ve been dealing with a measure in the Court of Protection for someone who’s lost their capacity; I’ve been dealing with an important matter for  the widow of a very rich Eastern European who sadly died.’ You get the sense he’s only scratching the surface of an unfathomably fulfilling career.

‘The other interesting thing is there’s been an increase in probate litigation: I’ve had two or three examples in the last year. There’s a nice new subtlety to this area – people don’t wait now until the matriarch or the patriarch dies; the battle now begins when the elderly person starts losing capacity.’

This is a lawyer with a tremendous sense of fun and knowledge of human nature – in addition to legal knowledge.