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Charles Lewington
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As Hanover prepares to celebrate 20 years of building reputation to drive business returns, founder and chief executive Charles Lewington tells Spear’s that in a challenging world of disruptive technologies, political ambiguity and shifting markets, businesses are increasingly realising the need for high-level strategic consultancy to anticipate, advise and act on regulatory, legislative and reputational issues. Lewington, press secretary to John Major in the Nineties, adds that as the UK prepares to repatriate many regulatory responsibilities, ‘there’s been a growing demand from our global clients for high-level expertise operating in complex, regulated sectors’. To meet the demand, Hanover has developed public affairs campaign strategies underpinned by data-rich insight and delivered across digital platforms aimed at politicians and other time-poor audiences. ‘For crisis preparedness, we have been delivering support beyond traditional media training, including integrated TV, online news and social media simulations to illustrate how one feeds another at breakneck speed.’ Lewington has also taken on the tech challenge, particularly in artificial intelligence, telling Spear’s that while companies are defining and still mapping out the playing field they remain ‘at risk of a reputation gap, where their intentions and how they’re perceived don’t match up’.