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Charles Costa Duarte

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Charles Costa Duarte
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‘The big challenge for wealth managers now is to reassure clients and keep them calm.’ So says Charles Costa Duarte, a director at Rothschild & Co and a former Spear’s Wealth Management Award-winner. Under the firm’s co-head of wealth management, Helen Watson, and her right-hand man, James Morrell, Costa Duarte co-leads a team of four client advisers, which is one of about ten such units serving clients from the private bank’s London office.

There is something about the former Household Cavalryman’s measured, affable manner that suggests keeping clients’ emotions and financial affairs on an even keel comes naturally. Indeed, he was once entrusted to handle a ‘beauty parade’ of new lawyers on behalf of a longstanding client who had been taken ill. When that client later passed away, Costa Duarte was asked by the family to give a tribute at his memorial service.

One of the things that marks Rothschild & Co out, he says, is a commitment to the long term: ‘The way we manage money is quite different. We build all our portfolios from the bottom up. We look for return assets that we can own for the long term and diversifiers to protect portfolios against market extremes. In times of crisis, like now, we are able to talk to management teams, assess the situation and have a clear understanding of how they will be impacted.’