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Charles Costa Duarte

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Charles Costa Duarte
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‘We often work with entrepreneurs who are considering an exit or who may be dealing with a sudden succession issue or change of circumstance,’ says Charles Costa Duarte, whose excellent client skills were rewarded in 2018 when he was named Spear’s UHNW Asset Manager of the Year.

‘Although my focus is on asset management, I try to know my clients well enough so that I am often the person that they will call for a variety of issues,’ he adds. Costa Duarte was in the army for six years before joining Citi Private Bank in 2001, where he was taken under the wing of Peter Charrington (‘I was very lucky’). He was at Quinlan Private Capital from 2007 to 2010, and three years at Lloyds International Private Bank segued into his present position.

What differentiates Rothschild, with its £10 billion AuM, from his previous employers? ‘We are able to take a genuinely long-term approach which resonates well with client families who often think across generations.’ When one long-standing global CEO client became seriously unwell, Costa Duarte handled the beauty parade for new lawyers. ‘The client very sadly passed away recently and I have just been asked by his family to give the tribute at his upcoming memorial service,’ he says.