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Catherine Grum


Catherine Grum
Wealth Managers 2018
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Top Seven Family Office Advisers

UHNW families are going global and growing in size and complexity, and they are making bolder investment moves too, exploring new territories and global markets with co-investments and buy-outs. At KPMG, the astute Catherine Grum leads her team in making sure their needs are met, working alongside her counterparts in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

There is a current desire for direct investments, and an increase in investors ‘sharing risks’ with other like-minded HNWs, Grum has noted. ‘As many in this position consider involvement of fellow families in an opportunity to be something of a kitemark, there will be considerable interest in family-run funds from this pool of investors,’ she has told an industry commentator.

It’s three years since KPMG hired Grum to expand its family office services, but the focus remains the same: helping entrepreneurs set up and run their family offices. ‘We want to develop a dedicated practice which will tailor the offering to each client’s specific needs and deliver a market-leading service for them,’ she previously told Spear’s.

Grum started out as a lawyer before heading Barclays’ EMEA wealth advisory platform. She joined Salamanca Group in 2014, before joining KPMG.