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Caroline Takla
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After seven years in London property, including setting up the Middle East desk at a Mayfair-based buying agent, the affable Arabic speaker noticed that her friends and family in Egypt shared a similar passion.

‘Anyone that’s from east of the Bosphorus has property in their blood and really recognises the value of real estate as an important asset class and wants to get involved,’ says Takla. ‘Of course the pinnacle is to buy properties in London.’ It was with the aim of helping clients reach that pinnacle that she founded The Collection in 2009.

Since then she has led acquisitions worth over £400 million on behalf of HNWs from 35 countries, including royalty and highly successful business leaders, who appreciate her eschewing of publicity. The firm relies on her knowledge of the market, which according to a peer ‘often keeps the most precarious of deals on track’.

The Collection is the only UK property company offering Vastu Shastra services, which are based on the philosophy of ancient Indian architecture.
She says the lack of Vastu knowledge in London properties used to be ‘a very frustrating process’ for the Indian diaspora. As a result, she says, clients warm to the firm’s understanding of what is most important to them: ‘We work very, very hard to make sure that clients really see us, regardless of where they are from, as extensions of their families here in London.’