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The Collection has just had its tenth anniversary, and founder Caroline Takla’s drive to find the best property deals in London shows no sign of wavering. ‘In the last 12 months, we saved our clients an average of 30 per cent off the asking price. Many of our competitors are hovering around 7-10 per cent,’ she says.

And the firm has proved that this is no fluke, consistently securing deals such as a Sloane Square property that dropped from £20 million to £13.5 million. Takla foresees some potential adversities over the next year. These include the ever-present question over Brexit, which she notes may have no impact at all but may also erode what makes the UK a ‘safe haven’ in the eyes of many investors.

The other potential swayer of fortune is the intervention of government, such as in the case of the proposed 3 per cent surcharge on foreign ownership. ‘They just need to leave [the property industry] well alone,’ she asserts. However, Takla relishes the challenge with an outlook that is bullish, even if she stops short of using the word ‘aggressive’.

‘Having tougher conditions offers the chance to add real value for clients,’ she says. ‘It certainly separates the wheat from the chaff – a turkey can fly in the wind.’