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‘The trend is there is no trend, it’s all led by your personal contacts,’ says Caroline Takla the founder of The Collection LLP. ‘In the last few years, deals have only opened due to personal relationships with clients: it’s down to that trust.’ Takla – who speaks Arabic – has a remarkably international client base and so has benefited during the troubled postreferendum years from the decline in value of sterling. ‘The pound was a godsend,’ she admits. Even so, this is no Brexiteer. ‘Brexit has been on people’s minds,’ she says. ‘The sole reason to invest here is because it’s a safe haven. With Brexit, we’ve begun to erode those fundamentals.’ Although Takla doesn’t necessarily measure her success in terms of transaction volume – ‘It should be difficult right now, people shouldn’t be rushing to make multi-million purchases’ – she has seen some impressive deals in recent times. She points particularly to a deal done before Christmas 2018, where she acquired a property for a client for £7.7 million which had changed hands for £11.5 million in 2008. ‘We are really good at making money for our clients,’ she says, adding: ‘That’s why we have a loyal client base.’ Takla has a deep understanding of what makes her clients tick. ‘They’re sophisticated,’ she says. ‘They follow the political process very closely. With discretionary purchasers, it’s all about the strength of the deal itself.’