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Caroline Roberjot

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Caroline Roberjot
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Roberjot loves creating a network of important connections for clients: ‘Fantastic property finders, mortgage brokers, private bankers — it’s putting that team together and knowing the personalities well enough so that when the client comes to me I can see what that client needs straight away and put together the right team for them. That’s really exciting actually, and also makes everybody’s lives easier.’

The likeable lawyer, who was recently made a partner in the firm, says last year has been
busy with 48-hour exchanges due to a surplus of demand and limited properties. Doing them quickly instead of the usual time frame, she says, is the ‘big bonus’ for her clients.

Roberjot often has to alternate between London UHNWs and clients in the country estates, which is why she keeps her wellies to hand. An international client base also keeps her busy and often working over weekends and at inconvenient hours. ‘I’ve been out for a walk with my family, but I’ve taken the contract with me to make sure that we can get an exchange done,’ she says. ‘It’s someone’s life, after all.’