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Camilla Dell
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Dell is the force behind Black Brick, the property search firm she co-founded in 2007 and quickly grew into one of the most competitive in London, catering to ‘everybody from the very ordinary, first-time buyers who need our help, all the way up to Russian oligarchs, footballers, entrepreneurs and billionaire CEOs and everyone in between’.

A careful observer of the city’s property market, she sees ‘very, very challenging times’ brought on by regulatory flux continuing through 2016, with fewer buyers for higher-end property. However, don’t be surprised to see a short-term flurry of activity among buyers, buy-to-let investors and foreigners trying to lock their purchases between now and April, she says: ‘Post-April, I think we’ll see more of the same, which is the top end of the market really suffering.’

Heralded for its on- and off-market search skills, Black Brick impresses HNW clients with its softer offerings — including a complimentary concierge, tech-savvy website and property management service.

Nine in ten clients come from referrals — either from a previous client or a private banker. One tells Spear’s that Dell is ‘client-friendly and market-savvy’. And no matter where they come from, clients seem to end up staying with Black Brick. One of Dell’s biggest deals was for an African client who had ‘concluded over eight transactions with us over an eight-year period’. She must be doing something right.