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Camilla Dell has worked in the prime London property market for 20 years, heading Black Brick since she founded it in 2007. She describes her company as ‘75 per cent buying agency’, helping private clients sell, rent, and manage property as well as buy. The past year has seen the firm strike standout deals despite headwinds. Among those was a Mayfair property bought for £15 million with an original asking price of £25 million. Dell believes London will remain a ‘beacon’ in the industry: ‘The geopolitical scene remains very unstable. Clients look to put their money into what they believe are safe assets – I think London will remain one of those places.’ Despite her faith in the capital, she foresees a number of threats for a new decade coming into play. ‘Climate change is something that clients are thinking more about before they make buying decisions,’ she explains.

Clients are prioritising things like air conditioning, while de-prioritising parking. Air quality may also come to influence buying decisions, as well as whether buildings were constructed in an eco-friendly way. Nonetheless, Dell is optimistic about the future of the market, predicting that prime and super-prime areas will be the first to recover from the 2017 dip.