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Camilla Dell
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Camilla Dell – a three-time nominee for Property Adviser of the Year at the Spear’s Wealth Management Awards – is described by peers as ‘tenacious and dedicated’. And her firm Black Brick, which she founded in 2007, is going from strength to strength.

‘We’ve done more transactions at £20 million-plus than we ever have before,’ Dell tells Spear’s. ‘We recently bought a house in Holland Park for £36 million, found a flat in Mayfair for just over £21 million, and we’ve just agreed a deal on another freehold house in Mayfair for £33 million – it’s a lot.’

Over the past 11 years Dell’s firm has emerged as one of the largest and most competitive property search firms in London – operating in a market which she believes has become all the more difficult to navigate for buyers.

‘Supply has become an issue right across prime central London,’ she explains. ‘Anyone who doesn’t need to sell isn’t selling, and a lot of people who do want to sell won’t put their properties on to web portals.’

With more transactions happening off-market (‘30 per cent last year’), and the startling increase in stamp duty, ‘educated, switched-on buyers’ are seeing the sense in engaging buying agents like Dell. ‘The stakes are too high not to,’ she says.