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It’s rare to find the experience of divorce pleasant in any way, but for one of Brigid Turner’s clients, the proceedings turned out to be far more than just bearable. ‘It was almost a pleasure getting divorced with Brigid alongside,’
the client enthuses, calling Turner ‘the only lawyer I’ve met with their dignity and conscience intact’.

This is just one of many such accolades in Turner’s practice, which is why the co-founding partner comes ‘strongly recommended’ by industry commentators, who call her ‘a great all-rounder’. She covers the entire spectrum of family law, with particular expertise in nuptial agreements, jurisdictional complications, and all manner of relationship breakdowns. Many of her cases involve complex trust structures, private companies and inherited wealth.

Turner has a spectrum of clients in Oxford, London and Northamptonshire. She began
her career at Manches, relocated to the Cotswolds under Boodle Hatfield, where she was made partner, and then opened her own firm, Brigid Turner & Co, in 2009. She later joined forces with John Nicholson, a colleague she’s worked with since the Nineties, to set up Turner Nicholson in 2015.

Work hasn’t stopped since then, and it doesn’t seem to end at home either. Outside the office, Turner uses her energy reserve to ‘discipline a household of boys’.