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Bold & Reeves belongs to a select club of boutique firms that were created when the founder got tired of trying to find another company to offer the services he required — in this case a management firm that looks after property with the same attention to detail and service that an HNW looks after other assets, from classic cars to their wine cellar. The founder then realised that there was a gap in the market for doing exactly what they envisaged.

Started in 2012 by Shipton and his partner James Sunley (president of the St Moritz Tobogganing Club) after the former spent months trying to finding a firm to look after a property portfolio owned by a Saudi family office, Bold & Reeves operates in London and the Home Counties (clients include a country estate near Newbury) partnering with many non-dom families, developers, landlords, family offices, prime estate agencies (such as Wetherell in Mayfair) and those that Shipton calls ‘owner occupiers’ and ‘the temporarily absent’ to manage their properties — from fixing the rattling air-conditioning unit of
a Forbes 1,000 client to replacing the lightbulbs up a 30ft-high chandelier.

Each client gets a ‘property health check’ and an audit of all service and maintenance agreements, with all info accessible 24 hours a day from a digital property portal on your smartphone, whether you’re racing your yacht in Port Antonio or draining a bull-shot before heading up to ‘Top’ to hurtle down the world’s most exclusive tobogganing run.