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Best music schools in the world

Author: Peter Matthews

There is no easy route to becoming a professional musician, but - as with everything in life - the opportunity to reach one's full potential is paramount. Which is why, year upon year, the world's most respected music conservatories each turn out hundreds of success stories.

Whether you are a classical or contemporary musician, attending a prestigious music academy can give you much needed credentials and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from highly respected music professors and tutors.

But it's not just about the inspirational faculty members; schools such as London's Royal College of Music give students ample opportunity throughout their studies to perform regularly at its famous recital halls. Not to mention access to world class facilities, cutting edge equipment and the chance to gain advantage through a school's powerful reputation and network of connections.

For while talent will always come first, being able to get a foot in the door in what is a highly competitive and ever-changing industry almost certainly comes a close second.

Maintaining respect for music's history and traditions while simultaneously moving with with the times is also key to success. Schools such as Boston's forward-thinking Berklee College of Music have led the way in this respect; it was one of the first ever educational establishments to incorporate music therapy and video game scoring into its curriculum, with a keen focus on the employability of its students.

Indeed nowadays, a shrewd head for business is just as important as talent when it comes to managing a successful musical career, something which the world's best music schools are keen to emphasise to their gifted students.

Read on to discover some of the best English-speaking music schools in the world...