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Best art schools in the world

LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

A partner institution of Goldsmiths in London, LASALLE has become one of the leading art institutions in Asia since its foundation three decades ago.

The Singapore-based college offers diplomas, graduate and postgraduate degrees in disciplines including fine arts, design, film, media arts, fashion, theatre and dance.

The institution’s philosophy is to reflect ‘the collaborative and interactive nature’ of contemporary art practice. This forward-thinking approach has made it the first in Asia to provide numerous programmes. Among these are an MA in Art Therapy and the first MA in Asian Art History that focuses on Contemporary art.

LASALLE’s campus includes theatres, studios and ensemble spaces to accommodate a broad spectrum of artistic needs. Throughout the year, the university invites respected artists and designers to lecture on campus. Visitors to the college over the years have included artists Frank Stella and Terence O’Connell, film producer Lord David Puttnam, theatre director Robert Wilson and fashion designer Mark Eley.