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Best art schools in the world

The Städel School, Frankfurt

The Stadel School, Frankfurt

Offering degrees in fine art, architecture and curatorial studies, the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main has a rich history dating back to 1817.

Currently, at the forefront of contemporary art, the world-famous school boasts a diverse student body. Over 60 per cent of students – as well as many of its professors – hail from abroad.

Established in 1987, the academy’s exhibition space Portikus has become a leading international centre for experimental art. It has shown artists’ work from all over the world with over 180 exhibitions to date.

Internationally renowned guest professors, external lecturers and visiting tutors are another aspect of vibrant student life at The Städel School. Guests for this year make up a diverse roster including French filmmaker Michel Auder, philosopher Ray Brassier and science fiction writer Mark von Schlegell.