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Ben Grist
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A mathematics graduate from the University of Cambridge, Ben Grist thrives on the challenge of explaining complex issues to his UK and international clients. ‘The key is to provide clear, practical advice to clients on what they need to do and how they should manage their affairs,’ he says. ‘As soon as you start quoting tax legislation or reciting HMRC guidance to a client, you’ve failed.’

Grist advises on matters including landed estates, personal tax, trusts and capital tax planning. He also works with businesses and entrepreneurs, directing non-domiciled individuals on residence and remittance issues.

Despite uncertainty over non-dom reforms, trusts are still trusted, says Grist, and rightly so. ‘The final changes were not as bad as some had feared,’ he explains. ‘I still see very legitimate, non-tax-related reasons why clients want to establish trusts – and, for them, it’s a shame that the landscape has changed for the worse over the past decade.’

In the meantime, he considers the IHT rules to be archaic. ‘HNWs’ lives have changed quite significantly since the current legislation was originally introduced in 1984. I would welcome a review of these and a simplification of certain areas like the taxation of UK trusts.’