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Bandish Gudka
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‘LGT Vestra was set up to change the shape of the industry,’ says Bandish Gudka, a former Spear’s Wealth Manager of the Year who’s a trusted adviser to a range of entrepreneurial clients. ‘The business is fully transparent, independent and impartial in its investment universe,’ he explains, adding that the firm pioneered this model of service ‘even before the RDR’ arrived. Gudka, who started his book from scratch, now manages more than £300 million. Despite experiencing ‘another highly successful year’, he observes that elsewhere the markets were clouded by Brexit uncertainty. Market analysis may make Gudka tick, but he values personal relationships far more. He recalls helping a client recover assets in excess of £80 million from a splintering family, providing ‘rigorous mediation and assistance’ to achieve the outcome. ‘The family have managed to remain connected,’ he says, adding humbly: ‘They consider me “the glue that kept us together”.’ Gudka was also invited to a client’s daughter’s wedding that lasted six days. ‘At the time I did not comprehend the unusual extended invitation to some very intimate, family-only events,’ he laughs. But when he hinted that it was too much, the client retorted, saying: ‘You’re my right hand, you need to be here, and the family needs to meet you – as do my children. You need to understand us, and they you.’