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Bandish Gudka
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Bandish Gudka has enjoyed yet another record year at LGT Vestra, having built his book from scratch to nearly £300 million since joining seven years ago. He’s picked up £58 million in the past year alone – the highest growth in assets at the firm in 12 months.

A partner of the £10.5 billion AUM firm, Gudka is particularly experienced working with HNWs and UHNWs from emerging markets, including many Tier 1 investors, upon which topic he has contributed to several government consultations. ‘The markets have been relatively choppy,’ he says. ‘We took a very conservative approach and our clients’ portfolios have barely felt it.’

Gudka tells Spear’s that many of his clients – particularly the younger generation – are starting to discuss impact investing. ‘I mean, what is return really?’ he asks rhetorically. ‘With a carefully chosen investment portfolio, we can put the money to work so that it’s actually helping others, or sustaining the planet. Return is not only investment return.’

Gudka does a lot of next-generation relationship work (‘I think it’s important to engage and educate the people who are going to be the beneficiaries of a legacy’) and believes there will be a surge of interest in sustainable, ethical investments.

An award-winning sitarist who has played for the Queen, Gudka has climbed Kilimanjaro (without water) for a water charity – and speaks seven languages.