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Ayesha Vardag
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To say that Ayesha Vardag has made an impression on the family law world is to riot in understatement. Since founding her firm in 2005, she acted in the landmark 2010 prenup case Radmacher v Granatino – in which her tactical nous has been praised by contemporaries – and has gone to claim, she says, ‘the lion’s share’ of UHNW divorces. Rachael Kelsey of SKO is an admirer: ‘By using publicity in a way that no one else does, and running family cases in a way that commercial litigators would recognise, she has attracted a huge amount of attention. It can’t be denied that Ayesha has been bold, focused and created a hugely distinctive brand.’ When Spear’s caught up with Vardag over lunch (see page 20), she was in cheerful mood, pointing to the firm’s domestic expansion. (It is now moving into reputation and criminal law.) She has also been involved in the fight for no-fault divorce, lobbying the Conservative Party conference on the issue. ‘I hope we’ve cracked it now,’ she says. Vardag is definitely among the more expensive lawyers out there. So what do clients get for their extra money? ‘Intellectual rigour,’ says Vardag, pointing to her Magic Circle background in commercial litigation. Kelsey adds: ‘She’s been brave. She’s not afraid of ruffling feathers and doesn’t feel the need to be clubbable, and these qualities have drawn clients to her.’