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Arlo Brady
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Arlo Brady, head of The Brewery, parent brand of communications powerhouse freuds, found his way into the field ‘completely intentionally’. ‘I was really taken by an exciting industry,’ he says when Spear’s queries his career change from geology to academia to comms. In 2014 Brady, who has a PhD from Cambridge, crossed paths with Matthew Freud, who hired him as a special adviser to counsel family businesses across the globe, including the Mars family. An impressed Freud promoted him to CEO in 2017.

Brady loves most the role’s variability – the interplay between corporate comms, individual ideas and social media. ‘The question that people start with is, “How can we improve our reputation?”,’ he says. ‘Quite often our response to that is, “Be better.”’

He often helps with creating ‘crazy, experiential content’ to make branding more engaging, as he finds that ‘a lot of corporate communications are boring’.

What makes freuds successful as a brand? ‘We’ve got the best people,’ Brady replies, ‘which means you need to provide them with the best working environment.’ He adds that the works by Hirst, Banksy and Warhol around him have a purpose: ‘You can’t just put people into a boring office with nothing on the walls’.