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Andy Buchanan
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For Andy Buchanan, 2018 was ‘very, very tough’. He tells Spear’s that the ‘awkward market’ at the top end of London property presented potential buyers with ‘very little temptation’. For Buchanan, the political climate has made it ‘difficult for a lot of people to see too far ahead until the European fiasco is settled’. However, he adds that John D Wood is still 30 per cent up on the previous year for income – a result fought for through smaller properties. ‘Small house turnover and medium house turnover was all right,’ he says. Something of a Chelsea champion, Buchanan says the firm enjoys a ‘commanding position’ in the Chelsea market and has enjoyed ‘enormous loyalty’ from people in the area for ‘a very long time’. He says 92 properties were sold in Chelsea last year but he suspects the actual number is much higher, with private sales taking place between friends and known associates. For Buchanan, ‘everywhere you go people are saying, “You don’t want to buy now, it’s only going to crash.” Well, actually at the moment there’s plenty of money for property – no shortage of money at all – but the problem is the very best properties are just not being brought to the market.’