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Andrew Macpherson
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Top Ten Country Specialist

‘Never has writing such a large cheque given me so much pleasure,’ a client testimonial reads, praising the skills with which Andrew Macpherson and his team at CKD completed a transaction.

Client satisfaction is high at CKD under sporting estates specialist Macpherson, one of its founding directors. He has spent 36 years in the market, with knowledge of the farmland market, major residential developments, break-up positions and the sale and purchase of country property.

Macpherson has the magic touch, an ability to make extremely rare deals happen. A particularly memorable moment was when a client was initially sceptical of Macpherson’s advice in relation to the purchase of a grouse moor and said: ‘If the grouse come back, I’ve got a great deal; if they don’t, I’ve bought a pup.’

Three seasons later, ‘The first day yielded over 250 brace,’ Macpherson laughs. He believes in acting only in each client’s best interests, and is known to ‘abhor’ conflicts of interests in the marketplace. It’s no surprise that HNWs keep coming back, as he mostly acts on repeat business and referrals. ‘I like nothing more than to head up or be part of a professional team effort, to ensure the best result for my clients,’ he says.