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Andrew Honnor
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Andrew Honnor is used to being in the hot seat, having advised the government, Goldman Sachs, Ukraine (on its bond restructure) and RBS. He was also public affairs director at News International after Rebekah Brooks’ resignation. ‘We’re the largest adviser in Europe for alternative investment firms,’ Honnor says of Greenbrook. He founded the firm in response to distress situations after the financial crash. Businesses in the financial industry – from single-strategy start-ups and spin-outs to multi-platform asset managers – found solace in Honnor’s expertise in facing ever-increasing public scrutiny. Business grew even more in 2018. Honnor forecasts continued growth in 2019 too, noting that clients ‘don’t deal with traditional firms any more’. He explains why some of the biggest clients come to him: ‘We’re very fast, very professional and responsive in a way that some of the big bureaucratic firms have struggled to be. We are a new, disruptive influence on the market, so they can get a fantastic level of service by a smaller, nimbler and more independent firm.’ It’s no easy task to work with the ‘very exacting standards’ of HNWs and global firms, Honnor admits. ‘But that makes it much more fun and challenging.’