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Amit Kotha

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Amit Kotha
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One of the true gems in RBC’s London office, few bankers are as trusted and respected as Amit Kotha when it comes to dealing with the needs of Britain’s South-East Asian UHNW community. It’s a reputation that gives the Canadian bank a clear edge in the capital’s crowded wealth management sphere.

‘Not only does he advise to the best of his ability, he takes on his clients’ problems as his own and thus has real empathy when advising,’ one client told Spear’s. Kotha anchors his approach to RBC’s ‘one bank’ mentality. The bank deals with a growing pool of ‘über-ultra’ clients in need of a streamlined service that offers solutions comprehensively geared to their needs. ‘You have to be patient – you can’t be aggressive with such clients,’ he notes. It’s the attention to detail that marks Kotha and his team out from the crowd.

Boosted by his trusted adviser status and ‘generalised’ remit, he expands beyond typical discretionary management and into capital markets, acquisitions, debt finance, estate planning and inter-generational wealth transfer. ‘The majority of wealth managers will focus on gaining as many clients and relationships as possible, but what they don’t realise is that they are spreading themselves too thin,’ he says. ‘Clients are not stupid – clients understand who is giving them the right attention… And you can’t do that if you have too many.’