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Amber Melville-Brown
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Spear’s Reputation Lawyer of the Year in 2016 and solicitor of choice to the likes of the Duke of Marlborough, Novak Djokovic, blue-chip corporations and global UHNWs, Amber Melville-Brown is a safe bet for corporate and individual clients looking to navigate media minefields. Of the new data protection regulations coming in May, she says: ‘In a world where our data is shared, bought and sold, used without authority or knowledge, and abused, and where that data can mean big bucks for big business, it is important for the individual to regain some control.’ She believes the changes, while not seismic, are important as they mark a ‘shifting of control over data back towards the data subject’. Melville-Brown has recently been on sabbatical, studying for a masters in media law in New York. ‘With 120 or so international law students as my new student friends, I am learning about their experiences in all the many jurisdictions in which my firm currently operates, and many more besides,’ she says. ‘Today’s global citizens are bombarded with and affected across porous jurisdictional boundaries by internationally available information. Lawyers operating in the modern world need to look outside their domestic law boxes successfully to advise into the future.’ Melville-Brown will be back in Withers’ London office in the summer of 2018.